domingo, 22 de setembro de 2019

The guy who will live in Ireland.

Finishing my stay in Ireland

First step before starting reading this: Listen to this song while you read.

These three past weeks were amazing, I´m still dreaming. 

This perfect trip is finishing... It´s a shame but as we say in Galicia : "...e ten que ser!". 

This experience was absolutely perfect for me!

I love working in Coláiste Dhúlaigh with Dave, Hashmit and Jorge!

Aboveboard, let´s say that I think I have gained weight! I went to a lot of different restaurants during this experience! I went to Saburritos, a mexican bar; Ray´s, a place where you can eat hamburguers and pizza for a "small" prize; Nando´s, a portuguese restaurant with many spicy sauces...

These last weeks Jorge and I went to some places to explore Dublin and I think I couldn´t be more happy with that. We took advantage of being in Dublin and we decided to visit all the geek stores of the city.

Relax! We visited more places than geek stores (I have to say that there are many geek stores).

We also visited the national archeological museum and I think it´s interesting but to see everything you should go very early because it has many things to see.


Jorge and I decided to go to Phoenix park (he had already gone before) and I decided to practice a bit with my Irish Tin Whistle ( I didn´t buy it in Ireland) and Jorge took me this wonderful photo:

We went to more places but I´m not going to tell you all!

Let´s see what happens on the last week... 
See you soon!


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