domingo, 8 de setembro de 2019

First week on Dublin.

Being happy in Dublin.

Well, this first week on Dublin was amazing! I could meet my two teachers of Coláiste Dhuláigh Hashmit and Dave.

They told to Jorge and I places to eat in Dublin and we decided to heeding them.

We went to a chinese restaurant called Bullet : Duck & Dumplings and I tried to eat duck but I felt so sorry about the duck and I left it on the plate...

Remembering the work... It´s perfect! We work on morning at the College unpacking computers, putting SSD on them or mounting monitors.

Well, Jorge and I went to some places like the National Gallery of Ireland, the Ha'Penny Bridge or Temple Bar.

We met people like María from Seville, she speaks spanish and is the chef of the canteen of the College! Also Charlie helps María at the kitchen and he speaks spanish too!

I´m really enjoying this experience here, the people is sympathetic and nice.

Let´s see how the next weeks go!

Adrián Suárez

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