terça-feira, 10 de setembro de 2019

The fantastic life in Dublin!

So me and my friend Adrián are staying in Dublin during de month of september and it couldn´t be better.

We are working at Coláiste Dhúlaigh CDCFE, a college situated in Coolock that has a plenty of class rooms, all of them with lots of computers, so that means work for us... One that is really great actually! This week I met Dave and Hashmit, they are the ones working with us and we can´t me more happy about it. All people here in Dublin is very nice and you can talk to almost everyone with no doubt that they are gonna be very nice to you.

We are not wasting our time on Dublin! I went to a lot of places with Adrian and also my girlfriend Eva, who came during the weekend.

I´m really enjoying this trip and i´m sure it will get even better, see you next week!

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