segunda-feira, 11 de setembro de 2017

Dublinese Workflow

It's a common saying that programmers are organisms that convert caffeine into code, and I could prove this during this internship. Between cups of coffee I've been working at usheru and improving (I hope so) their web app with the help of Andrés, the nice guy who is on charge of me. He's one of the co-founders of the startup and it's who tells me what to do most of the times.

We used to work with several programming languages that interact to each other to allow the app's functionalities to do their job, mainly with XHTML/CSS and Java, and using JQuery sometimes for small scripts. I also had to use bash once, but briefly.

This two months we've been setting up new pages for cinemas who want the online ticketing too, so they can finally be in the 21st century and don't have to close because they don't use the current technologies properly as it's happening to a lot of old businesses which can't adapt to the present times.

It's been great to see how a web application is coded and thanks to this internship I'll think about doing DAW next year.
The views from the office weren't bad

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