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My intership in Scotland, the flower of UK

Well... where I begin? OK, let's start from the beginning. I arrive the 28th of June at the Edinburgh with my family, and automatically, my English started to spoke by itself. Two of my companions of work were waiting for me, and they guide us a little bit on the city. They also bring us to the hotel that we booked by 4 nights, because I didn't have any flat yet, but I managed to find one with a lovely girl at the second day. Those days I visited a lot of the city, but it was too much, so I couldn't see the entire city (even now at the 3rd week), also the weather wasn't by our side and rained 3 days, but that didn't stopped us.

My job started the 30 of June, in a Spanish company called "Viajar por Escocia". It's a tourism business for Spanish and Italian people that offers tours around all Scotland and parts of England too. The company said to me that I will be able to go on that tours BY FREE, so I started to ask for tours and book some of them, like two castles called Bamburgh and Alnwick, places very famous because a lot of film were made it in those buildings (Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Transformers:The last Knight,etc).

Most of the time I spend it walking around the city, trying to see different museums, monuments,etc. Also I did the "Edinburgh Whisky Experience" and visited the coffee bar where J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter's saga, named "The Elephant House", have a long walk around the Holyrood Park and the palace of Hollyroodhouse and climbed the Arthur's seat, entered in the St. Giles Cathedral and so much places around the city, but still not enough. My purpose for these last two weeks is to finish my travel around all the city, make as much tours as possible (Ness Lake, Doune Castle, Glamis..), and maybe try to go to the limits of the city like Portobello, a little green paradise with beach.
To finish today's entry, I'm going to say that the people of the company are very cheerful and gentle, so if someday you decide to visit Edinburgh, visit them and try some of their tours: I promise that is going to be pretty fun and interesting.
Look! It's Nessi? oh...they are ducks...

The Alnwik Castle, home of Harry Potter's firsts movies

 Europe biggest tree house

A little representation for all the tourist and some photos with them

Go to Harry Potter's castle and not do some quidditch? Impossible

The Royal Mile is always full with street performances

The Edinburgh Castle from Johnston Terrace

Climbing the Arthur's seat

Link to their page: http://www.viajarporescocia.com

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