segunda-feira, 31 de julho de 2017

It's time to say goodbye...for now

So, as my time here in Scotland reaches to an end, I will tell you how this lasts two weeks had been.
As I told, I was looking forward to go to the Ness Lake, The Highlands, Lake Lomond, Castle of Dunnottar… I was able to travel through almost every part of Scotland thanks to the company. And even with that, there is a lot much more to see, so I hope to return someday.

Well, tell you some of the things that I made in this time left:
As soon I arrived from my last travel, I went directly to the office to book my next tour, and things...things went crazy. If you don’t believe me, here’s a photo of the tours that I booked

I did manage to enjoy all of the tours, but they were too short for me, because they were only for a day, and I wanted to see and discover even more about this beautiful country.
But not all of it was tours. I also had to work pretty hard with the servers, repairing some computers or even install a security system on the bus depot...with a little accident on the way, I must say...

But even with that, we managed to do a great job.
In resume: In Scotland I found myself a home that I would like to return, some awesome people (in work and social life), I had so much fun and I learn a lot about their culture, their traditions, about the job and last but not least, a lot about whisky and alcohol in general.

Lake Ness is beautiful, but we didn't manage to see Nessi
I came as a Galician and I come back as an Scotsman

Not only my bosses, but my friends
Even the people of Scotland regret my departure back to Spain

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  1. The people you meet has a lot to do with how much you like the place. I met fantastic people there in Scotland and I'd love to go back.