quarta-feira, 12 de julho de 2017

First two weeks in Dublin

Time flies as I have been here in Emerald Isle for two weeks, and they can't compare to each other. The first week was probably the longest week I remember. I arrived here on Wednesday 28th around 17:15 and I had booked a room in a hotel in the south of the city, but not far from the city centre, in a district called Rathmines. It was around 7pm when I checked in, tired as hell, so I went to a supermarket in front of the hotel to buy some basics and I quickly fell asleep.

Next day I had already appointed a visit to a house so I took it easy and went for a walk until it was the time to meet the guy I talked to. Unfortunately, the weather decided that I had to suffer for not having an umbrella here in Ireland and I got soaked until I found a shop where I bought one. I walked around the city an then around the neighborhood the house was at for like two hours, as I was confident that people would rent me that room. Big mistake, as when I've just arrived to my hotel room I received an e-mail from the guy telling me that he rented the room to another one. Everything was panic until I decided to have some sleep, after arranged a couple of visits to some rooms around the city for the next day.

Friday started calm. I had to go to the office in the morning to meet Andres and all the other coworkers. Everything went fine, he created my accounts in the systems and briefly explained me how everything works so I knew where to start on Monday. Around 16:45 I left the office and went where my accommodation is now. I saw the room and after a pair of hours of thinking about it, I mailed the girl that showed me the house and luckily they rented me the room. Case closed and I felt relieved instantly.

From then on everything has flew by. People at work are great, I'm very comfortable doing my job and I went for a walk a couple of times to see little parts of the city. Still a lot to see but a lot of time left too until I come back home.

Spire of Dublin
The famous Temple Bar
Chariot of Life

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