domingo, 17 de maio de 2015

Suddenly, more than the half of the internship is already gone!

We just left back the half of our time in the internship, and the last month from the 2 and a half is beginning. In this time, I tested a lot of apps, and I had to read a lot of coding and manuals about how to code. Also, of course, I learned a lot from all the experience with this amazing developers. First, about how real apps are developed, and secondly how a developing company works, not forgetting about life in Prague and in Central Europe. In a month and a half I had time to travel, to meet old friends who are living here, and to know new people. I know I'll probably go back to my normal life in June, but as always, I'll go back knowing that Prague will be always in my heart in a very special place.

The only thing I miss is the fact that I travelled less than I wanted. It's not so easy to organize people to go outside from the city, but just visiting places like Český Krumlov (in the picture) or Dresden worth the experience of being here. And of course (I'll never stop saying it), knowing Prague, and its magic, much much better.

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