terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Fifty days in London

After more than 50 days in London, I think I can make an assessment of the experience ;D

We started with the arrival in London, after landing at Heathrow (the ideal airport to come to London) I went by tube to the house of my host family, in Tottenham, very close to the station "Tottenham Hale", which belongs to the "Victoria Line ", one of the major tube lines of the city"
From the first day, I can say that was almost the only day when it rained since I've been here! Everyone warns you that in London the weather is horrible, but the truth is that since I'm here is usually sunny.

The street where I live

As for the family, the truth is that I think I can say I was very lucky, the landlady is a very friendly person who tries to help as much as possible, the room is large, the house is practically new and it is located in a nice area.

From the house to my workplace during internship in Victoria, I have about 30 minutes by metro (Victoria Line), it can be a little stressful because of the thousands of people who use the subway every day, but is the best transport option.
My office is located in central London, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, just 800 meters from Buckingham Palace, in a huge office building, where are companies like "The Telegraph",  the truth is that  is a privilege to do the Erasmus+ internship in a place like this.

My office

Regarding to free time, I can say that I have already visited the most famous sights of London (Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square ...) London is an amazing city for sightseeing, have many places to visit, every day there are hundreds of activities throughout the city, and there is always something new to do or discover.
About things to consider before coming, I think the most important thing is to look thoroughly good accommodation to stay, make sure what you are paying is exactly what you will receive, and avoid at all costs pay anything for advance.
London is an extremely expensive city, so it is essential to plan all your steps here before arrive, accommodation, transport, food... Being the most important thing the transport / accommodation ratio.

In short, I value these 50 days in London in a very positive way,  is an amazing experience, knowing from within the reality of one of the most important cities in the world, with the pros and cons London entails. A multicultural city where everything is possible, where you can meet people from all over the world, and that is certainly a perfect place to start...

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