quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2015

My Dublin Experience.

It's a month since I'm here in Dublin so I think it's time to talk about my experience.

I arrived Dublin on march 25 with my classmates Diego and Xesús, the weather was bad and we had to walk a lot to the hostel with the luggage and to make things worse it was raining.
When we finally arrived at the hostel we were exhausted so we ate something to recover strength and we went to bed early to recover from the trip and rest.

The next day the weather was better, a perfect day to find flat and see a bit the city, but it will be harder that I thought, because my work is on Dublin 4, a bad district to find flat, or at least a cheap one, the student residences nearby my company were all full till June and the hostel families and flats too far or too expensive, everything seemed to go wrong, but at least the sun was shining.

I decided to buy a phone card to walk for Dublin streets easier, call a couple of host families and communicate with my family, and I have to say that the prices here are a lot cheaper than Spain, 20 euros for unlimited calls and 7,5 Gb data.

While a I was walking on the streets with Xesús we decided to visit our companies because they are very close and it was a good idea to familiarize with the place and reach more easily the next time.

After a couple of days finally I found a residence on Dublin 9, maybe too far from my company, but at least the residence is really good and my flatmates are good people.

My first day of job came almost without realizing it. That day I woke up early to met Andrés on St Martin's House, so friendly he presented my co-workers and he explained me what was the company about and what were they doing. After a while talking with him, he showed me the the servers of the company and he explained me what my work was about.

Almost without realizing it the days passed quickly and I still have pending a travel to visit the Irish coast, thing that I hope to do as soon as possible.

I don't have much more to say, only  recommend everyone to do intership because I think it's a unforgettable experience that I can assure nobody will regret.

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  1. Moi ben, Javier. Moitas grazas por compartir a túa experiencia e por animar aos futuros posibles participantes.