quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2016

Auxiliar de Conversación (Inglés), IES San Clemente 2015-2016

I have been working at IES San Clemente, an adult computer science school in the historic heart of Santiago de Compostela, since October. My key role in the school involves assisting with English language acquisition in bilingual classes for first- and second-year students. I prepare an activity for each class each week. I vary the activity each week by focusing on a different aspect of language acquisition, including writing, reading, speaking, and listening. These activities include group games such as Jeopardy and modified card games. I reinforce grammar with worksheets and engage students in English conversation by playing speaking games or showing a video or PowerPoint presentation designed to foster discussion. I also help students individually with conversation practice to enhance speaking skills.

I also lead two English conversation classes each week in addition to assisting in bilingual classes. These classes are focused on improving oral skills and sharing American culture with the students. I accomplish this through a series of language games prompting conversation, culturally-relevant videos, writing activities, English-focused games and activities, and discussions about TED talks.

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