terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2018

I´ve just finished my stay in Manchester

Hello everyone, I was living in Stockport, Manchester for the past 2 months but the contract with the house where I was living ended the 8th of June, so I had to move to other place located in Garners Lane. This was my first experience booking an airbnb and I have to recommend it so much because I was very pleased there. Here goes a pic of my room (18 euros per night), this is a highly recommended way to stay a few days, my landlord was so kind with me and the place was clean and adecuated. Even so, my main problem was the way to the job, as I had to take every morning an Uber(which is so convinient because it is so easy to use and it is so useful), so I spent a lot of money going to the job.

I want to say that I loved my stay and I´ve improved a lot of my English and met amazing people there, like Guillermo, Juanma etc. So this is my goodbye for now.

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