quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2015


Everything comes to an end and sadly my  Dublin internship is finished, and I want to do a last post to talk about the company where I did my internship, UsherU.

I've been working at UsherU for nearly three months, a startup dedicated to help theatres to sell available seats offering users deals like, for example cheaper prices, 2x1 tickets or free meals on cinemas. 
A couple of weeks after my incorporation, the UsherU app was launched for iOS and Android, offering users information about available movies on cinemas, trailers,... and of course, the deals. The deals started in London cinemas, but in a couple of months they will be available in Dublin as well, and with more time more cities will be added to the list. Hopefully, Santiago will have UsherU offers for cinemas soon.

I want to finish this post by thanking my colleagues, especially Andrés, for their support and kindness during my stay, not only in the company but also in Dublin.

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