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My feelings about Dublin after more than 2 months

Hi guys! (and also ladys)

It has passed a long time from my last post in this blog, my apologies. I had not time to do things like this in the last weeks, I was looking for a job, after I left from my company, everyday.

After two months living on Dublin I can say that It was a nice experience. It you are thinking to came here and you don´t have a good english skills, don't worry, here is the place to be, to learn and to enjoy.

The last week my teacher Carrión was here doing something in the Trinity College, he met all of us on some pubs around Dublin and we were able to met a spanish teacher from Trinity College. On saturday we went to the east coast to visit Bray, there was a nice place to walk seeing the sea and the mountains. So beautiful place. We came walking from bray to the Bono's house and the "pirulí" (as how we call this  monument :D haha) on the top of an mountain. After a long day we were back on the city centre, when we were eating the dinner we hear on the radio that the "YES" won already in the referendum. It means that the gay and lesbian couples are able to marry at the present on Ireland. The city centre had a very nice atmosfere, there were a lot of people on the road with instruments or singing, a lot of people disguised. Was a very funny day to me, but all that is good has a final.

In my company we are currently working on a web app, we are close to finish it. I made the 90%, I think that this week will be finished already. I'm happy here but I begin to look for other jobs after 2 or 3 weeks here because It's a small company there will be difficult to continue working after the internship.

Finally I'm very happy with this experience and I love this city, the ambient in the city centre is amazing 24/7. There are a lot of people from some countries around the world, people with different cultures and histories. Dublin is full of student people and then there are a lot of party everyday, It's a very funny place to be. If you can have this experience I suggest you to say YES.

Best regards,

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