quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

English in IES San Clemente

Each week, a group of students as well as a class of teachers participate in a 50- minute English class as part of the bilingual section of San Clemente. Classes focus on developing pronunciation and grammar skills. The main objective of these classes is to get everyone involved and speaking. Classes typically involve a grammar review followed by a related activity; such as a game or follow-up questions.

In the student-based classes, we have been working in pairs or groups in order to get everyone participating.  Working in groups allows students to work out any doubts they may have as well as understand the reasoning.  We often play Jeopardy – where students break up into teams and answer questions related to a specific category or topic.  Categories range from filling in the blank with the correct word, speaking, and forming questions.

In the teacher-based classes; we focus on speaking, listening, and comprehension. We oftentimes read news articles or watch talks such as TED Talks. After reading or listening to a talk, we discuss what we thought about the material.

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