segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2015

GradIreland Summer Job Fair

Hello again, this time I received a notification about another job fair in Dublin I want to share with you, just in case you are looking for a job or maybe improve your english going to real interview where you could practice and maybe get a job.
This is the website of the event,, and you could find there more information about the event.
I have to say this is an event for graduates, but one thing I've learned, you should not take much care about the job entry requirements, otherwise I would never be here. The job entry requirements are just to filter the people applying to that position, and sometimes you know you could be the best person for the job, but you don't have a degree, or the level of expertise they are looking for..... So my advice is don't look to much to the entry requirements for the job offers. You could have a good interview and the company could eventually create a new position for you, or give you a trial period or internships.
To finish this small post I would like to remind you to look over the internet to look at job fairs and open days and events like these where you could find a job, meet new people and know the way the companies work in Ireland.

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