sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

Writing about Ireland after a couple of weeks

 This picture is from this morning, I went to Enniskerry. The town is situated on the Glencullen River in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains to the east of the island, just 5 minutes south of the Dublin border and some 24 km south of Dublin city centre. It's a beautiful place to walk around, a lot of vegetation, trees, the river, all is very green and the air is so clean.

Two weeks ago I arrived to Irelands airport, I was so nervous and not sure about my english level, but after the first days I begin to feel myself more comfortable. In the beginning of my stay here the weather was so cold and the wind was heavy and I caught a cold, but now I'm fine.

I'm living with a host family, they are so amazing and friendly people, the last week I came with them to the south of Ireland to visit one of his sons, the sunday of easter. He and her wife made a party, there was a lot of people from some countries like US, Brazil and Ireland. It was an amazing party, I met a lot of people especially from the US, this group was on Ireland only for holidays but they were fine people, and I met a girl from Brazil that speaks spanish. Mike and Liz are friendly and they try to help to improve my English speaking skills.

I'm living in Leopardstown in the south of Dublin, 20 or 30 minutes to my work place in Ranelagh (traveling in Luas train) close to the canal. The name of the company is Zappy and we make applications for android, ios and web. I'm fine at the company, the people are funny and friendly. In the company you can find people from different countries like Venezuela, Chile, Ireland and Spain amongst others.I'm working in the same room with people from south america and some irish people, we speak spanish a lot of times but some times i need to speak with my Irish coworkers and it's hard to me but I'm trying my best.  We are working now in  developing a web app for a company which rents and sells robes for graduations, I need to learn how to use the framework CakePHP to do so.It's a little hard for me because all is new, we didn´t learn how to develop a web page with php at school but i'm looking for some tutorials and I'm learning slowly. At least we made the design of the database ( I'm working in this project with my coworker who is doing a internship here, just like me) and we are trying to learn more and more about CakePHP and the web development.

And with this I bade farewell, I have two months to improve my English skills and to start to be a good developer, wish me luck i will need it ;).


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