quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015

Thoughts from Prague after 2 weeks here

2 days of driving, crossing all Europe to arrive at the heart of Bohemia. Then, Prague receive me at night, beautiful as always. In fact, the most time I spend here, the most I like all this old streets. Just walking surrounded by spectacular buildings (and I'm not talking about churches, museums or diplomatic places, I'm talking about buildings with apartments. But the architecture of this city is, simply, awesome), looking at its parks, its towers (I live near the Žižkov Tower, the highest one, too modern for my taste but impressive with the babies from David Černý crawling up and the night's lightning) and of course, its bridges. Even if I'm more in the high part of the city and I haven't gone so much near the Vltava.
About the work, I live just 20 minutes by walking from the office, a very nice walking crossing 3 parks. The office is spectacular and, even if I'm still a stranger there as the new one (and language is still a break to solve, because of course they speak English with me, but the official language there is Czech...  A moje čeština je špatně! (My Czech is horrible)). Anyway, this first week I've been working on a File Manager App. Quite good to learn a lot and I'm quite proud of the result. But it's obvious that I still need much more training to consider myself a developer. We have still more than 2 months to improve both: my developer skills, and my Czech language abilities.

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