quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

How we get a place in 5 days

We arrived in Dublin Wednesday night with two nights of hostel (Ashfield House, kind a nice). Thursday we woke up full of hope to find a place right away, but that will not become a real thing. Looking for a place in Dublin it’s a frustrating process when no one answer mails, and even if they do the answer is to say it’s full or shockingly expensive. So, by the end of the day, I started to think that we were doing something wrong.

The second day I sent an email to an old student who is living here now, to catch up and get some advices about finding a place. The whole day was a waste, and we have to move to another motel because our get full and also on weekends the price rise a lot. At night we meet these guys and between paints of Guinness they told us that writing it’s a waste and we should start moving around and calling.

The weekend came so the thing gets harder and also the second hostel I picked It was rubbish, So we spend the day walking around, mailing and such with no results whatsoever. Sunday we focused on internet again, finally on the afternoon we found a web page with a direction so we decide to go in person if the other billion mails didn’t get to a good result.

Finally, It’s Monday again, none of the mails sent got us something good so we went to this place and they told us that exist a place with available bedrooms (kind a faraway), but finally we found a place. I spent two more days in hostels in the very city centre to not getting late to work (the main point to come here) as long as I get to know the city and that’s it.

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