domingo, 6 de maio de 2018

An ever-growing project


Leaving home.

Going on an internship is not always easy. Admittedly, leaving home can be a tough experience, but there are big reasons to willingly hop into the adventure.

In my case I was looking for new experiences: something exciting, yet, unfamiliar. I was also craving for independence; I love home very much, but I knew I had to move on for my own sake, get out of my comfort zone.

Ever since I finished school I often felt stuck in life, doing the same thing over and over again. Life with parents is easy, because they do everything for you. However, in living with your loved ones you are always expected to be the one self they know, the one you've been dragging since childhood all the way to the present. This is a major blocker in life; it prevents growth.

It is very tought to get around this, but a change of life was starting to feel necessary.

A change of life.

If you've read my other posts you may already know that I am now a full-time employee in the UK. You may also know that I'm working for Santander, and that my experience could've been better.

In the past I've shown my utter disappointment with the working conditions in the specific project I was assigned to. It was really bad. However, not long after, things changed radically for me. I can't explain everything here, but things changed.

I called this post "An ever-growing project" for a reason. It is perhaps quite an ambiguous sentence, as it's open to interpretation, but a very meaningful one. You may think of a project as a commercial product in the works, just like what I'm doing at Santander, or really anything that has a start and an end. Just like life, it has a beginning and an end, and it's in constand evolution: the project of life.

Things move and change all the time. This can't be stopped.

An important decission.

You can't just stay still and do nothing, let time fly by. You are not perfect, and you know that. There are things that you would like to be different, but still you let them be in your life.

It is okay to be comformistic, but just for so long. If you can relate to what I've said above, please stop being passive and do something about it! Do you fancy and internship? Come on, set youself free of the chains from the past and hop on the adventure!

Let this be a reminder that you will not be like this forever, that's just impossible.

Move on!

2 comentários:

  1. That's fantastic!
    I hope that your reflection will inspire lots of students!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Great article, as always. You are a very good writer.
    I like to know that you are happy with your work now. I understand perfectly the disappointment that you described in your previous article because I experienced it too.
    I think going abroad for the internship is a useful and constructive experience and that's why I always encourage students to do so. It is also a big challenge.
    I want you to know that there are a lot of working opportunities here now, so do not forget to take a look from time to time just in case you find something really interesting. We do not want to lose good programmers like you and the demand here is increasing more than ever.