sábado, 3 de agosto de 2019

First month in Dublin!

So today I made a month in Dublin and I feel like I already have some things to say.
First of all accommodation. First thing I did before moving was book a hostel for a week. I met some people that prepared the accommodation before moving but to be honest I prefer to see where I am going to live. So once you are decided to start looking for accommodation, you have to keep in mind that if you want to spend less than 600 euros a month you will have to search for shared rooms. There are many places to look for shared rooms (I found all my accommodation in Daft.ie and Facebook groups) but I would say that the most important thing is to use email as the last resource. If by any chance you see and advert that you like and it has a phone number, just call or at least send them a message/whatsapp. They usually answer within a day (if they do). Meanwhile, if you want to use only email, you will have to be lucky if they answer but sometimes it is the only way.

Place where I am right now

Another topic that I think it can be really useful is food. So you just arrive to Dublin (in my case to a hostel) and you want to eat something. My recommendation for anyone is Tesco. It is everywhere and have a wide schedule. It is where I usually ate the first days and it is okay. They have offers for breakfast and lunch, and they also have pasta dishes that they prepare daily.

And lastly transport. The first days I went to work walking but later I found the Dublin bikes service. They offer you bikes for 30 minutes for free and there are many bike stands around the city. If you want subscribe for this service you can buy a Leap card in some shops and then subscribe online. I would recommend it because it is really convenient and if you couldn't find a place near you workplace it can save a lot of time. But keep in mind that at peak hours a lot of bike stands are empty (where most of people live) and full (where all the offices are).

I started learning some new technologies which I have never work with before and it is quite enjoyable, especially thinking that you will use them in the near future. Overall I'm enjoying this a lot, not for any specific reason but for the overall feeling of living abroad in a absolutely new country.

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  1. Thank you for your useful tips!
    We'll include them in our guide, for the next students.

  2. Congratulations for writing in English. It's great that you are having a good experience there.