sexta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2019

End of my first mobility!

Today I finished my Erasmus+ mobility and after reading again what I wrote last month I don't feel like I have to much to add.

Just as an update, I want to tell more about how my accommodation went. At first I've been in hostel for two weeks (I had to make another booking while being there) because I found a place where I wanted to move in, but it was only available from mid July to August. Later I found another place that I liked in Temple bar, but it was also only available for October and November. So during this last two weeks I've been looking for a new accommodation for only September. This time I didn't have many options to choose from but I still got something.

Also as a mini update I would like to add that if you decided to use the Dublin bikes service, you can actually search the bike stands in Google Maps (just type 'dublin bikes' and all should show up) and it will tell exactly how many bikes are available in each stand. If you are lucky enough to have many bike stands near you, this can almost assure you a bike, especially in the morning when almost every single bike is gone.

So this two months I've been working in a place called Learnovate. They focus on thinking of ideas and try to develop the ones that can be interesting for other companies. In my case I started to work in a project which focuses on using a chatbot to create a common knowledge database and help technicians on the go with this database. The interesting part of this project is that the database is built from the workers themselves. By answering questions to other co-workers they help to add knowledge to the database and they get recognition from it. I spend the first month learning about Angular, Node, and Mongo, and after some mini project I decided to go for it. I had to start from scratch and following some guidelines from our UI designer. Right now, I almost finished the basic interface of the application and I will probably start to work with chatbot technologies soon.

Company logo in the office

Thankfully I have another mobility right after this one and I keep going to the same company so stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. It sounds great! Good luck for the continuation of your work and learning!

  2. It's great that you have finally solved the accommodation so that you can use your free time to enjoy Dublin. I suggest that in your next article you include the picture from the company but with you staying next to it.