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What place you will enjoy the most staying in Ireland?

During my internship in Dublin, I had the luck to be almost every weekend in different places around Ireland but the north. However, I think my suggestions can be useful to anyone who will stay there a couple of months.

There are a lot of companies which may suggest a one day trip to someplace. Ireland is not a big country and you can easily spend one day going to such beautiful towns and areas as Galway or Connemara, it may not be worth staying for around 6 hours on a bus for that. I'd better recommend you, if possible, to stay there for at least two days.

 Do you like most city or nature? I have four main places that I would recommend you depending on your preferences.

For nature lovers like me, I recommend going to Connemara, taking a trip to the ancient Celtic places in the center of Ireland and visit the Wicklow Mountains National Park. What I really liked the most was the fiords in Connemara. There you will see nature as wild as you probably expect and such a lonely and quiet and cold place is only interrupted by some dolphins and sailors from the little villages.

If you like the city way of life, there are also two places I would recommend: Galway and Cork.
I like more Galway because it is more colored and, I think, not as industrial as Cork. They are quite similar but I had the impression that Galway is a more artistic and bohemian place.

As important as where you are going it is who you are going with. There are, as I have said before, different companies that offer trips to those sites. My own experience is that the most expensive ones are the best ones, so I cannot recommend Paddywagon.

I have not been in Northern Ireland unfortunately, but I also heard there are very beautiful places and landscapes. Wherever you go, I am sure you will probably find something you will appreciate.

Simply Connemara

Lake in Wicklow Mountains National Park

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