segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2019

Trips and experiences in Ireland.

After the first month in Dublin all went stabilized for me, so me and some friends I met here decided to do some trips.

We went to Galway which is a city on the west coast of Ireland. We went by train and it tooked us 3 hours to arrive there. The city is not so big, we visited the most important things in just one morning and we were going to stay there 2 days, so we went for a long walk all around the coast and at night we went out to party. I recommend it a lot as it's famous maybe is a city 'more irish' than Dublin which is very international.

Next week we went to play a match of paintball in a place located near Bray. It was a bit expensive (sadly as most of the things here) but it was exciting and the scenarios were awesome.

At work I'm still happy, I have plenty of tasks to do so I don't get bored and I can put in practice my knowledge.

Here I leave some photos of Galway and some of the paintball:

Taking a walk beside the sea.

Maybe you remember this houses
because of Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl song.

Streets of Galway at night

Paintball near Bray.

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  1. Great pictures! It's good to see you in some of them. So now you are almost a Dubliner!