domingo, 16 de junho de 2019

Third and last month in Dublin.

Well, as I'm writing this lines I'm just less than 48 hours away from leaving Ireland.

This last month my brother and my cousin came to visit me, we spent a whole weekend together and I showed them the city.
We went to a "free tour". I higly recommend this tours if you are going to spend little time on a city because they usually show you the most famous places and things of the city in just 3 hours approximately. Also we went to Phoenix Park to see the deers and spend the morning of the saturday and we rented electric bikes, that was such a good decision as the park has an area of 7.07 square km (if you visit it walking you'll spend more than 3 or 4 hours walking).
Finally, if you like the party this is going to interest you, at night we went to a big nightclub here in Dublin, it's called The Academy and it has 3 floors with diferents types of music in each floor. The best part is that you can book before the day and entry for free until midnight.

The truth is that, excepting the weekend with my family I didn't went to a lot of places this month as I had to work very hard on my project, I usually went to the city centre at weekends to drink a beer with my friends.

Also I got sick last week (tonsillitis) and I had to go to the doctor because I felt bad, he gave me antibiotics for one week and recommended me to rest a few days until I felt better. Luckily I had the European Sanity Card with me and they only charged me with 2€ for the medicines. If you come here, don't forget about your card, it's very important if you don't want to pay a lot of money for the visit and the medicines.

So that's all, I have been here 3 months and a half (since the 28 of March) and without any doubt this has been one of the better and most valuables experiences of my life.

Good bye Ireland!

With my cousin and my brother on Temple Bar

On the entrance of the Kilbarrack centre (where I spended most of the days)

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