sexta-feira, 30 de junho de 2017

Back to Santiago and a new adventure waits ahead

Hello reader! This is the londoner, again, writing from my comfy chair. But this time I'm not in London anymore: I am back in Spain!

The amazing views above London and its surroundings

Yes, that's right! I missed this place to be honest. After a whole three months of time spent outside I kind of developed some degree of nostalgia that really kicked in in the last two weeks of my stay abroad.

But now I'm back! My parents, big brother and my grandmother were all waiting for me to reunite (again). I am happy to be back, and my cat is as funny (and stupid) as ever! :3

This is the fire we set up for San Juan. It did burn really well!

I (only) have two weeks to really squeeze the juize out of my time. It's enough time to hang out with my best friends and to experience some memorable moments here and there tho. The weather is perfect for this time of the year, so there's going to be plenty of swim and dip in the pool and in the river (we have a really nice one at a 10 minute's walk from home).

However I still have some homework to do. It's I shame that I actually am yet to finish the project for the cycle's last trimester. Reader, If you are embarking on an Erasmus experience, please finish the project before coming back home; thank me later! (It takes so much time out of your agenda! And it will stress you out!)

The homework's terrible fate!

It is the 1st of July at the time I'm writting, meaning I only have one more day to enjoy here sadly. I wish I had more time but it's been such a blast! I'm thoroughly excited to start a whole new life in Great Britain and I can't wait to come visit my friends and family sometime in christmas time. I'm thinking about all the things I could do in a flat just for me. It's like playing Animal Crossing but with real life ideas! :D

Resultado de imagen de milton keynes
The amazing Milton Keynes

I will be living in a town located around 70km to the north of London city. Its name is Milton Keynes and it resembles the likes of my birth town somewhat. It's bigger and flatter overall but it's quite a big wide green place. Milton Keynes begs to be traveled by bike as it was built from the ground up to act as an industrial area interconnected by really long roads and roundabouts (as seen in the picture). The traffic is usually really light and there are bike lanes everywhere. The town's center is at a 10 minute's ride from the closest point to the frontier, and that's where all the important amenities and the underground are.

Again, it has been a honor taking part of the Erasmus programme and I am thankful for everything the IES San Clemente and the Vassit UK team has provided me with. This has been an experience I will quite never forget. Thank you! ;)

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