sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

Internship in Freistil

I arrived last week to Dublin. Took the bus n16 to City Centre, and went to the hostel where I'll be living for 2 weeks.
I tried to find accommodation, a single or shared room. I find it very difficult. I tried FB groups, whatsApp groups,,, easy roommates, roomster, erasmusu, uniplaces, isaccomodation... You get what I mean. And everything is so crazy expensive, and a piece of advice, never, ever tell the that you are only staying for 3 months, or it will be impossible to find anything.
For now I'll be staying in hostels, I've found out that they are way cheaper than shared rooms, and for me, they are closer to the CHQ building.

I'm doing my internship in Freistil. This is a Drupal focused servers distributed company. The people working there are so amazing, they are king, open minded, flexible, still willing to help and make you feel comfortable. Right now we are listing my internship schedule. I have lots of work to do, I have a big final project in mind, that means no guiri time.

Inside Court House Quay building:

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