sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2017

Freistil it

I had a lovely internship in Freistil. Everyone was so kind and helpful.
This is a distributed company, I was afraid the this supposed a problem, we all know that IT related work is a bit demanding when things go down.
But this company is very communicative, they have different chat rooms to pass on information work related, personal related, company related, etc. It made it easier for me find the answer even when the tutor wasn´t online or very busy.
And it was even more helpful all the free coffee I could drink.

Jochen Lillich -As Managing Director, Jochen takes care of the business as a whole. We had several face-to-face meetings along the internship. And once a day we had a videocall. He also took me to Drupal Camp, and had a lot of patience explaining Drupal and how their cloud servers work.
The rest of the team:
Markus Heurung - Markus is responsible for all daily operations at freistil IT.

Philipp Kaiser - As a system administrator, Philipp makes sure the IT infrastructure stays healthy.

Simon Mügge - As a Systems Administrator, Simon makes sure the IT infrastructure stays healthy.

And finally Susanne, I made the mistake of not asking for a picture or her last name.

I´ll always be thankful towards them. They made it look so easy.

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