domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014

Erasmus in Dublin

Zappy, this is the company I've been working with this last weeks. In it, you will find an excellent team of professionals and I can't be more grateful of this experience.
So, if you have the opportunity to go abroad, don't hesitate and go on because you will never regret this. You will learn with good professionals as well as you will learn another language, culture and ways of seing life. That opens your mind and your world and of course it creates on you an opinion about the things you would like to change, the things that are better or worst in other places or in your own culture.

Being abroad was one of the most fabulous experiences in my live. I met a lot of people, from other cultures and languages. I learnt my profession with one of the best companies in Dublin, I had the experience of live Irish culture from inside. It was different than holidays, on which you can see the culture, enjoy for some days the city, meet some people and take some good pictures. This gives you the opportunity to learn and live life as you had never lived it. You move beyond your comfort zone, and as you should know, is here where magic happens.

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