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Dublin Pubs

Hello again, this time I want to talk about the Pubs, and everyone knows Dublin and Ireland in general is synonym of Pub and beer. Well I have to say that’s true. The culture of the Pubs in Dublin is really interesting and rich, you can find at the same pub different generations drinking together or very different type of people drinking.
Drinking in Ireland is allowed from 10am til late....  but there are two days when alcohol is banned, Good Friday, the Friday during Easter and St. Stephen's Day, the 26th of December, during that days no one can sell alcohol, so almost all pubs are closed and people get provisions the day before at the supermarkets.
From my perspective, what I like from Dublin Pubs culture is the timing, people here start drinking at 5 or 6pm, even earlier during the weekends, that give you time to drink a lot, have a unhealthy dinner and go home before 11pm and go to work the next day as usual.

There are a lot of different pubs in Dublin, but most of them are traditional pubs, this means with Guinness, carpet on the floor and old seats and buildings. But some of the old fashion pubs are now renovated or in a very good conditions inside, so don’t judge the pub for the front, get in the pub and look what it’s inside. There are a lot of small pubs from outside, and when you get in you find a lot of space, different stories and some of them have garden or roof gardens.

Then when you talk about pubs in Dublin you have to talk about beer, there are a lot of different beers here, but the most famous and frequent in the pubs are the Guinness, Smithwicks, Heineken, Carlsberg and the cider Bulmers. There are some other pubs with their own beers like the Porterhouse with 4 or 5 different types of beer and they don’t sell Guinness. And other pubs with craft beers, this means beer from small breweries or with a small production, this is becoming more popular now, so you can find some of this beers in other pubs too.

The average price of a pint of beer in Dublin depends on the type of beer and the zone where you are and sometimes the time of the day. But the usual price of a pint of Guinness in the city centre is 4,5 to 5 € and the craft beers from 5 to 6 € in Temple bar this prices are higher and at 2am the prices are even higher, maybe from 6 to 7 € a pint.

To finish I would like to mention that live music is also part of the Dublin pub culture, even the smallest pubs have some live music once a week, but in Temple bar you can find live music 7 days a week and in the city centre from Thursday to Sunday. I would strongly recommend you to visit a couple of pubs and joint the real Irish culture.

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